NewsWerthy is your authority for super-serious, objective journalism — Okay, look, if you’ve made it this far, and you still don’t realize that this is a tongue-in-cheek satire website, then we would like to say “Welcome to the Internet.”

Our motto here at NewsWerthy is “Take. Life. Srsly.”  This is what we call Irony.  Just to beat you over the head with the punchline, we really just want you to take life less seriously.

In the United States, it’s pretty difficult to avoid getting angry or stressed about important issues going on with our government, especially given how polarizing our political climate has become.  This is perfectly understandable!

We recognize that most of us have, realistically, no control over our government, short of voting in elections.  Sure, we can all become activists, go to town halls, or even run for office; but in reality, most of us just argue informally amongst each other, spending tons of energy getting fired up to accomplish nothing in the end.

And that’s why we’re here …

We’re trying to convey the message that it’s still okay to laugh. Let’s direct that energy toward something more positive. Taking a minute to chuckle at some shameless satire does not mean you have to stop caring.  It just means you’re not letting the game of politics drain your soul.

So please, check out our site.  Take. Life. Srsly! 

Because what other options do you have?  High blood-pressure?