Trump Orders His Face to Be on $100 Bill

Trump $100 Bill

The White House made an unexpected announcement Sunday morning about an Executive Order being issued to the United States Treasury Department this week. President Trump announced that the United States will be discontinuing the $100 bill which has long featured the highly respected founding-father Benjamin Franklin. The bill will be re-printed with a new image depicting President Trump himself.

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In a brief discussion with Reporters, the President explained his decision. “I have nothing against Ben Franklin. I am sure he was a great guy, but he’s just not right for the $100 bill anymore. I was elected to make sure America has strong, powerful image to the world.” Trump went on to say, “Franklin just looks so bored in that picture. It’s time we replace him with a powerful winner who the world will respect. And nobody is more respected or more powerful than me.”

Proposed example of the new $100 bill:

New Trump $100 Bill
Example of the new $100 Bill featuring President Trump’s face, rather than Benjamin Franklin.

When reporters asked whether Franklin would appear on any other currency, Trump replied, “No, I don’t think so. Ben had a good run, but I can’t see needing his face on any currency.”

Another reporter, puzzled by the decision asked why the President chose himself for the $100 bill, rather than one of any number of other “powerful” figures. To this Trump responded, “Well, I think I have proven that I will go down in history as the greatest, most powerful President in the history of this country. I am just getting ahead of it.”

Sources say that since the President of the United States is the leader of the Executive branch of the government — and since the Treasury falls under the Executive branch — it is actually well within the power of the President to change the appearance of American currency via Executive Order. 

However, Critics of this decision argue that Benjamin Franklin is a cornerstone figure in American history, and they are outraged by the idea of removing him from the $100 bill.  Furthermore, historians question what significance the current president could possibly have which would merit him being placed on the bill.

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