Trump Would Be Pissed If These 13 Pics Went Viral

As a satire website, we would like to emphasize one important point — Donald Trump is incredibly difficult to satirize! The actual reality he produces on a daily basis would pass for satire if it was written about any other political leader. With that said, we sometimes need to take a break from pure satire for a minute, and just simply laugh at the current realities we are witnessing.

We’re sure that Donald Trump, with his colossal ego, hates when these types of things circulate and go viral … So let’s circulate them and make them go viral!

Here are 13 pictures which are funny, awkward, or otherwise indicative of the current embarrassment President of the United States.



Trump Rubbing Elbows with the Clintons
Whaaaat? The Donald rubbing elbows with “Crooked Hillary” and her husband? No, this can’t be, because that would make Trump a hypocrite.


Trump and Gary Busey
Donald Trump summoning his inner Gary Busey.  Kindred spirits, they surely are.


Vandal Destroys Trump's Hollywood Star
What does it say about a person whose critics think that literally being able to walk on him isn’t enough?


Trump's Hollywood Star Painted with Swaztika
We’re starting to think that repairing his Walk of Fame star might be creating jobs. See? Obama never thought of that, did he?


Dog Poops of Trump's Hollywood Star
That’s a good boy!!!


Trump derpy face
Caption not necessary. Anything said here would take away from the natural comedic value of this shot.


Trump's hair flipping up
During a once in a lifetime moment of structural weakness, we get rare glimpse under the gold-plated creature affixed to the President’s skull.


Trump in too-short bathrobe
Quick! Someone pass the bleach!


Trump kissing Miss Universe
Just read those eyes. The exact moment this poor girl realized the gravity of what she got herself into.


Trump takes creep picture with Ivanka
Mr. President: We’re genuinely concerned
Ivanka: Blink twice if you need us to call the police.


Painting of Trump doing the Captain Morgan
As supporters of the importance of satire, can we please pause to applaud the personal sacrifice this artist endured to paint a nude Donald Trump doing the Captain Morgan pose?


The Naked Statue of Donald Trump
Unfortunately, we are required to censor the frontal nudity in this photo.  All of it.  100% of it … Every little bit of it.

… and the winner! #1

Trump attacked by Bald Eagle
This particular moment of Donald Trump’s campaign completely encapsulates the situation America has found itself in. This actually happened. Donald Trump tried to do a patriotic photo shoot with a real Bald Eagle. He was subsequently attacked by this take-no-shit icon of American freedom. A true testament to the old adage that animals can sense evil!
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