OPINION: Letting go of Hillary

Hillary Clinton

So I’m at Mickey D’s this morning. There are always a contingent of “Blevins” there at any given time. If you know the song, a Blevins is basically that stereotype of an older, retired, conservative who spends their time bitching about how all the young’uns don’t understand a damned thing and the country is going to hell over coffee and in this case Egg McMuffins. There were 4 on this day. CNN was on the televisions there. And at one point, I got to hear the following.

“You can’t change them liberals. They’ll never get it. They’re so pissed off about Hillary. She lost and that’s all they have to hold onto. So Trump is the bad guy because their princess didn’t win. They just won’t let go of it.”

In the words of Jules Winfield, please, allow me to retort. Your assumption is invalid. We, those liberals, are not holding onto Hillary. Many of us didn’t vote for her in the first place. WE, that is the collective ‘liberal bunny hugger fucktard’ we, admitted in November of 2016 that Hillary did not win. So we let her go. We moved on. To look into all the horrendous crap our current administration is choosing to do. Those very same things you are refusing to address. Refusing to change. Refusing to talk about. Refusing to acknowledge are even happening while your own people are suffering for it.

WE are not holding onto Hillary. YOU ARE. You, the Concerned Conservative. It is YOU who cannot let her go. And we know why. It’s because Hillary is the only argument you have left. You can’t justify what he’s doing. You can’t justify the hurt he is causing. You can’t justify the dishonor he is bringing – to the office, to veterans, to ordinary citizens, to other nations, to the world. You want to be a part of him, part of his bandwagon. But there is still a part of you with humanity. So you can’t go full on fan boy for him. Because you know he’s wrong. And what he’s doing is wrong.

What you don’t know how to do, what you will not admit because your pride means more to you than whether or not your farm is profiting or your kids are fed, is admit you made a mistake and backed the wrong horse. You’d do it in a minute if it were an actual horse race & you were losing money. Gee, guess I screwed the pooch on that one didn’t I? But not when it comes to this. Oh no, you’d rather burn it all to the ground than admit you might have to change the way you think, the side you’re on, or really see you might have some learning to do. That’s sort of sad, seeing as how all of us need to learn and it’s pretty damned arrogant to think you’re as smart as God.

So to remedy that, you take the easy way out. They just won’t let go of Hillary. That’s why they don’t understand.

No. You’re wrong. From the beginning. But that’s alright. Because that’s the only point of view you have. So okay fine. You want to see letting go of Hillary? You want to see what our actual opinion about things is? What it is we’re actually trying to do? Well sit on back there in your chair Skippy and take a good long pull off that coffee. We’re about to show you our opinion. And it doesn’t have dick to do with her.

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