Why Trump is the New Mayor of Bullshit Mountain

As you may remember from 2012, legendary comedian and former host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart participated in an “election style” debate with former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. It was at this debate where he coined the term “Bullshit Mountain.”

In a moment of comedic gold, he dubbed Bill O’Reilly the “mayor” of Bullshit Mountain, and … Nah, you know what? Just watch this for yourself. It’s goddamn hilarious!

Well, since this glorious moment in comedic history, Bill O’Reilly has left Fox News, and largely dropped off the political radar. Yet, Bullshit Mountain is alive and well. It’s important to point this fact out. O’Reilly was never the primary source of right-wing lunacy. He was just a very influential proponent of it — and not even the most toxic proponent at that!

Lately, it is crystal clear who has taken the title of “Mayor” in Bullshit Mountain, USA:

Donald J. Trump.

Trump is more influential (for better or worse) than Bill O’Reilly could ever have dreamt of being. He’s the first President in US History to use social media as his primary means of addressing the public.

He’s also the first President in the history of the United States who apparently removed his “things presidents shouldn’t say” filter with a crowbar and threw that motherfucker into a volcano.

He’s arrogant, he lies, he’s an egocentric blow-hard, and — make no mistake about it — he’s got millions and millions of people cheering him on.

This is where he draws his power.

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He has used his platform to perfect Bullshitonian tactics. He’s discovered that all you have to do to win support is … lie. That’s all! You don’t even have to lie well! Let’s look back on it a bit:

  • LIE: He said his approval rating is an all-time Republican record.
  • TRUTH: Not. Even. Close. 41% isn’t even a number to be proud of, much less some kind of record.
  • LIE: Obama never had a GDP quarter >4%
  • TRUTH: Yes he did. 4 times. And they were all higher than Trump’s recent report.
  • LIE: Mueller has found nothing
  • TRUTH: Mueller has filed criminal charges against 33 people in relation to his investigation
  • LIE: “We’ll make Mexico pay for it”
  • TRUTH: He just threatened to shutdown the government if America doesn’t pay for it.

I could go on for a very long time listing his lies, but this should illustrate the point. He blatantly lies very frequently, and every bit of it is soaked up by his supporters.

Trump’s supporters .. Nay … ALL people have a very dangerous tendency to be victim of confirmation bias. This means that we tend to believe information that makes us feel good by confirming what we want to believe, more than information that contradicts our feelings, despite how factual this information is or isn’t. You can likely think of a time when you’ve fallen victim to confirmation bias on your own.

The only way Trump could EVER get people to believe all of these sloppy lies, is by using confirmation bias to his advantage. Trump has perfected the art of Bullshit!

The recipe is actually very simple:

  1. Appeal to your supporters
  2. Belittle, vilify, and dehumanize those who don’t support you
  3. Tell your supporters lies they would LOVE to believe
  4. Erode their confidence in any people who call out your lies, and turn your supporters against them
  5. Repeat the lie until they all start repeating it for you

I mean, really run yourself through that recipe. Can’t you picture it?

  1. “Make America Great Again!”
  2. “Liberals don’t want that. They want to protect MS-13, and launch a corrupt witch hunt!”
  3. “Hillary Clinton was colluding with the Russians! Funny they don’t investigate that!”
  4. “The media is the enemy of the people. Don’t believe their lies.”
  5. “No collusion. No collusion. No collusion.”

When it comes to propaganda, Donald Trump knows what he is doing. He’s got absolute control over his base. We’ve all seen it repeatedly. He stood next to Vladimir Putin in Finland and told the world that AMERICA WAS FOOLISH! The next day, his supporters overwhelmingly approved of the Helsinki Summit.

Do you remember when Trump said he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue, and his poll numbers wouldn’t go down? Well, that was the most truthful statement he’s ever made as President. I really believe he could.

Donald Trump makes Bill O’Reilly look like an amateur. His command over Bullshit Mountain has cast a spell on a large portion of America. This spell is nearly unbreakable.

Nearly …

The only time I have ever seen Trump cave in, was when he was considering sending Americans to Russia to be investigated. The entirety of the US Senate voted 98-0 to object to that decision. He immediately flip-flopped.

This exposed Trump’s weakness!

He’s not invincible. Powerful, yes, but he can be beaten! It was when congressmen knew it would be politically disastrous to back his play, and they stood up to him. When they stood up, he cowered down and reversed course. He showed his true colors.

Republican congressmen will always continue to support Trump as long as he is popular. The only thing to change that will be when their election is at risk. When they know it will be politically disastrous to back Trump’s moves.

This means, Vote!
This means, speak up!
This means, call out his lies!

Remember that the majority of Americans voted for Hillary Clinton. She won the popular vote, even though she was a very unpopular Democrat. This means we already have a head start. We just need to convince the members of congress that their jobs are at risk if they support this lunatic.

I am confident that if we can tip the scales in congress, we will send Donald Trump tumbling down from the top of Bullshit Mountain. Then they can elect a new mayor … at least it won’t be the President of the United States.

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