Hackers Release Trump’s Browser History; Demand Ransom

A new hacker group named “Cyber  Security Is LoL” publicly announced Friday that they are in possession of President Trump’s internet browser history.  They provided very little information, other than some examples of the information to prove they are not bluffing, along with their demand of $1M in Bitcoin to “keep this information private.”

Oddly enough, the group did not define any particular motivation for targeting President Trump, other than simply for the purpose of a money-grab.  The group’s statement, along with the browser history examples are detailed below.

The group stated the following:

 “Mr. President, we have obtained your internet browser history and intend to release it if you do not pay $1M in Bitcoin to the link provided below.

So that there is no question we possess this information, here are some examples of what information we have:

  1. On April 24th, 2017, you searched the Amazon.com books section for “How to be a good president”
  2. The following day, you searched for self-help books about “Twitter addiction”
  3. On May 14th, 2017, we see Google search results for “good wall building companies” and “Trump best president ever”
  4. On May 30th, you spent $10,943 to buy in-game currency for the game “Angry Birds 2”
  5. We’re also very intrigued by how often you frequent anti-Rosie O’Donnell pages, but we will hold onto the details for later

Mr. President, you have 7 days to comply, if you want to keep this information private.  Your move!

More below:

The examples provided by the group are rather embarrassing to President Trump, but it’s safe to assume that they possess something far worse if they’re demanding such a large ransom.

The White House has not responded to any requests for comment, although we can safely assume that the United States Secret Service is moving quickly to investigate this matter.  NewsWerthy will be following this story closely.

If you are the Secret Service, FBI, NSA, or just plain gullible, please read below!

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