Obama: ‘Can Trump Prove He Wasn’t Born in Russia?’

Trump Born in Russia

In an ironic turn of the tables, Former President Barack Obama has broken his relative silence on giving any opinion about Donald Trump.  It seems after releasing a public statement this morning, Obama has reason to believe the President isn’t eligible for office because he was born in Russia.

Although President Obama did not respond to a request for comment, we did obtain an account of the conversation he had with local news reporters at a beach in Key Largo:

“Mr. President, how do you feel about Donald Trump?” the reporter asked.

“Well,” Obama said “I don’t really want to interfere with his presidency.  You know, Bush never did that to me.”

“But, he’s been attacking everything you’ve ever done.  How can you just stay silent?” the reporter responded.

“I’m not worried about him.  I’d be bitter if I was him too.  All those years of telling everyone I was born in Kenya, and he can’t even prove he’s not Russian?”

The reporter’s eyes grew wide, “Are you saying that you think Trump isn’t an American citizen?”

“Well, I have some very reliable people.” Obama said with a smirk, “Some might say, I have it on good authority that he may have been born in Russia.  I mean, add it all up. He clearly has a thing for Eastern Europeans. Between Ivanna, Melania, and naming his daughter Ivanka, the trend is real.  I’m pretty sure if it was legal in Russia, he might just dump Melania for Vladimir Putin.  Can Trump prove he wasn’t born in Russia?”

“Mr. President, do you want to see his birth certificate?” the reporter followed up.

Obama just stared at her with a wide, full-tooth grin for a few seconds, “Nah. Who would ever say such a thing about a sitting president? There must be bigger things to be concerned with, right?  I mean, how much of a childish idiot would I have to be to burden the President of the United States with such a petty attack?”

President Obama then winked at the reporter, and ended the interview to go body surfing. NewsWerthy will provide more updates as they become available.

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