Putin Furious Over Trump ‘Fake Accounts’ Tweet

Putin on Fake Accounts

Despite the obvious appearance of things, it’s actually very difficult to get a walking meme like Donald Trump elected to the United States Presidency.  Difficult, but not impossible.  Trump’s successful election was the result of hard-work, determination, and unrelenting resolve on the part of Russian propagandists.  That’s why Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious over one of Trump’s most recent tweets which celebrated Twitter’s campaign to eliminate fake accounts.


Just two hours after Trump released this tweet, Putin made a comment to Russian state media, calling out President Trump’s reckless actions.

“This buffoon doesn’t know when to keep quiet for his own good.” Putin said, “It’s amazing that he would praise Twitter for banning fake accounts, when it’s those very accounts we used to get him elected in the first place!”

Putin, obviously angry, was referring to his “secret” propaganda efforts to create division in America, and to use fake “troll” accounts to influence the election in Trump’s favor.

The Russian President went on to say, “It’s amazing that he seems to thing he could be elected to America’s highest office all on his own.  He is so focused on discrediting the media, that he’s hurting himself to fight against it.  He calls them fake.  Unfortunately, they’re just doing their job.  Trump needs to understand that the very freedom of speech that he’s trying to silence is the same freedom that allowed us to support his election.”

In a follow-up question, a reporter in attendance to Putin’s comments asked if he had any advice for President Trump.

“Do I have any advice for Trump?  Yes, here is some advice:  It’s never a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you, Donald.  Just remember who came begging to who for help.  Just remember where your next Trump Hotel is going to be built.  In Russia, we say, ‘The tongue is one of the lightest parts of the body, yet some people can’t ever seem to hold it.'”

It’s unclear whether this tweet alone will have a negative impact on President Trump’s efforts to become allies with Russia, but it certainly will not help.  Vladimir Putin seems to be keenly aware of the power of propaganda campaigns using fake accounts on social media, making what is arguably an act of war appear to be a grassroots shift in societal norms.

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