Saudi King Offers Trump Asylum ‘If Need Arises’

King Salman of Saudi Arabia

President Donald Trump is scheduled to land in Saudi Arabia Saturday, and the public is curious how relations with this Islamic theocracy with fare amid the fallout of Trump’s failed Muslim bans.  In a statement by King Salman, the Saudi head-of-state, it seems that relations should not be a problem.

“I was pleased to see the United States was not foolish enough to elect a woman President.  If such need arises, President Trump is welcome to relocate to Saudi Arabia to live without fear of arrest by his unfair government.”

King Salman was interviewed today on the Saudi Arabian government-run news station.  He went on to explain that the United States media, in conjunction with “the influence of a bitter, witch-like former rival” have treated Trump with “an enormous amount of disrespect.”

It’s unclear why King Salman thinks so highly of the President so early in his term, especially given his history toward the Islamic community.  Nevertheless, the King also praised President Trump for his ” … courage to hold to his unpopular beliefs in the face of such attacks.  What the American President lacks in wisdom, experience, restraint, common sense, leadership, and tact, he gains back with his undeniable conviction!”

It seemed at one point that the Saudi King was actually smitten on the President’s daughter, Ivanka.  “We would also be honored to meet President Trump’s family.  Ivanka’s beauty would never be considered unwelcome in our palace.” The King stated, as the interview came to a close.

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These comments are very puzzling to critics of President Trump.  Most foreign relations experts expect an Islamic Theocracy like Saudi Arabia to have some amount of animosity toward Donald Trump over his constant campaign rhetoric railing against Muslims in the United States and abroad.  To add to that, Trump has attempted twice to pass executive orders effectively banning Muslims from entering the United States.  Both of these executive orders were overruled by two separate federal judges of the 9th Circuit Court.

These very pro-Trump statements made by King Salman indicate a friendly relationship between the President and the leaders of Saudi Arabia.  This begs the question: Why?

Some speculate that Donald Trump may have lucrative financial ties with Saudi Arabia.  While this has not been corroborated by any evidence, money certainly seems to be the motivation, whether it be money Saudi Arabia is already getting from the Trump Empire, or money they seek for the future.

The White House has not yet released a statement responding to these comments.

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