Spicer Barred from Meeting Pope Due to Trump’s Jealousy?

Spicer Barred From Meeting The Pope

As President Donald Trump concluded his tour of the Vatican today, information emerged that he intentionally excluded his Press Secretary Sean Spicer, who is a devout Catholic, from meeting Pope Francis.  Although there has been no official comment from the White House about this decision, many people are regarding this move as “petty” and “heartless.”

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There has been a lot of speculation as to why the President made the decision to exclude Spicer from the meeting.  However, a source close to the Trump entourage thinks it was a matter of pure jealous insecurity on the part of the President.

“The President becomes very volatile when he thinks his image may be tarnished.” said the anonymous source, Wednesday.  “Sean Spicer is, essentially, the President’s first line of defense against the media.  He feels that he needs Spicer to remain loyal.”

But why prevent him from meeting the Pope?

“Quite simply, the President feels insecure around someone as powerful as the Pope.”  The source went on to speculate,  “[The Pope] is adored by more than 1 billion Catholics around the world.  The President may not want to allow Mr. Spicer to be influenced by someone who is more powerful than Trump himself.  To a person like Donald Trump, the Pope’s power over followers of Catholicism is a direct threat to Trump’s own power over the members of his staff.”

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Would Trump really go to such lengths to protect his perceived power, even against his own inner-circle?  Sean Spicer is, reportedly, very disappointed by being excluded from the meeting, and rightfully so.  Regardless of one’s opinion about the Press Secretary, there is no arguing that he has undying loyalty to President Trump — at times, even facing personal, public humiliation attempting to explain away some of the wild actions of this administration.  There is no doubt that to Spicer, a proud Catholic, this would have been one of the highlights of his life.

Did Trump have a legitimate reason to exclude Mr. Spicer from the meeting with the Pope?  Or, was this just another example of the gross mistreatment of Spicer we detailed in a previous article last week?  Either way, this decision should prove interesting when Sean Spicer returns to the United States this weekend to hold his first press conference.  The media will surely want to hear his opinion on this matter.

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