Comey Memo: Spicer Lives in Fear of Donald Trump

Sean Spicer and President Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey recently went public with the fact that he had secretly been documenting uncomfortable encounters he had with President Trump prior to his termination.  In one such alleged memo, Comey is said to have documented a clandestine conversation with Trump where he asked him to drop the investigation against former General Flynn.  Comey’s memos have not yet been released to the public.  However, while it does not necessarily reveal incriminating information about the President, one leaked memo has surfaced, detailing some very disturbing supervisory practices of President Trump toward his Press Secretary Sean Spicer.

Memo Details Below:

In the memorandum, Comey explained that he was meeting with President Trump and White House Intelligence officials for a routine daily briefing.  Comey did not detail what was discussed in the meeeting; rather, he wrote to document the peculiar way Trump was treating Sean Spicer.

At one point in the memo, Comey explained that Trump summoned Spicer into the Oval Office by peeking his head out the door, patting his thigh repeatedly and yelling, “Sean! Here boy! Come here, Sean.  That’s a good boy!”  After which, he allegedly closed the door in his face and tried to share a laugh at Spicer’s expense.  Comey described this as “disturbing” and “humiliating.”

Later, Comey detailed that the President opened the door to to find Spicer still standing outside, staring at the ground, seemingly dejected.  Comey wrote, “the President then tousled Mr. Spicer’s hair, and said ‘oh Sean, you take things too seriously.  Grab us some coffee and come have a seat.'”

The alleged mistreatment of the Press Secretary did not stop there.  After sending Mr. Spicer back to the kitchen for “fresher coffee,” the President briefed Spicer on what he wanted to relay to the media regarding the tensions with North Korea at the time the memo was written.  Trump allegedly stated, “I hired you for your mouth, Sean.  Don’t mess this up, because aside from your mouth, I’m not sure what else you’re good for.” Comey detailed that the President looked around the room chuckling, as if he was “looking for confirmation.”  In Comey’s estimation, nobody was amused but the President.

Comey also found it worthwhile to note that Spicer seemed very tense during this entire encounter.  At one point in the memo, Comey explained that “… while [the President] was standing next to Mr. Spicer, he reached up to scratch his own head while reading a document, and Mr. Spicer noticeably flinched as if he felt the President was going to slap him.”

The entire tone of Comey’s leaked memo is that of a concerned witness to a very awkward working relationship.  While NewsWerthy cannot confirm the authenticity of this leaked memo, it certainly brings to light some insight into the true demeanor of the President when he is behind closed doors.  If true, these allegations also serve to explain why Sean Spicer seems so aggressive while addressing the press in routine conferences, rather than adhering to successful past practices of simply creating a good rapport with the media.

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