Trump: Melania ‘Actually Can’t Keep Her Hands Off Me’

Donald and Melania Trump

During the President’s trip to Europe and the Middle East, the world took notice that Melania seemed to reject the President’s attempt to hold her hand on two separate occasions.  In one video clip, Melania appears to actually swat the President’s hand away when he attempted to touch her.  In the second video, taken the next day, the First Lady was a bit more passive.  When the President reached for her hand, she suddenly jerked away to “move her hair” from her face.

Now that he has returned to Washington, he took some time to clear up his side of the story.

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In a brief run-in with the media, President Trump was asked about why Melania appeared to reject his hand on two separate occasions.  He quickly laughed and replied, “This is just more fake news.  Melania would never have a problem with me touching her.  She actually can’t keep her hands off me most of the time.”

After an awkward laugh, the President added, “I mean, if she did, it was probably just because she thought I was a secret service guy or something.  Maybe she was just exhausted from the flight.  We had some pretty terrible turbulence, you know?”

Unprompted, the President went on to clarify, “Normally.  I mean, usually, I’m the one saying ‘Babe, come on, I don’t have time for all this affection.  I have a country to run.’  She just can’t resist me most of the time.  Believe me.  And do you blame her?  I don’t blame her at all.”

The reporter followed up by wanting to know why, then, the First Lady doesn’t live with him.  The President declined to comment any further, citing that he was running late for a “golf appointment” with some friends from North Asia.

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At this point, the American people are starting to wonder about the true nature of the President’s relationship with Melania.  Say what you will about Former President Obama, there is no denying the genuine feeling of love and partnership which radiated from him and Michelle every time they were seen together.  This is something we have yet to see between Donald and Melania Trump.

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