Trump Defends Bill Cosby, Citing ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump and Bill Cosby

It’s typically frowned upon for the President of the United States to give opinions about ongoing court cases or criminal investigations. However, President Trump has proven in a few ways that he is not afraid to use his power to influence an investigation. Most recently, Trump chose to openly defend alleged serial rapist Bill Cosby Thursday morning in a brief interview.

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When Trump was asked by Washington journalist Everette Hunt to respond about the news of him being investigated for Obstruction of Justice, Trump responded, “This is all just a witch hunt by the mainstream Fake News!”

“So, you’re saying that you didn’t obstruct the investigation, Mr. President?” Hunt Responded.

Trump furiously replied, “Yes. You know, you people with your fake reporting are the problem! Do you even feel bad for how much you’re picking on me, or Bill Cosby?”

Hunt, shocked, replied, “Are you also implying that you think Bill Cosby is innocent?”

Trump responded, “Oh, I know he is! I’ve watched the Cosby Show. I know Mr. Huxtable would never rape any women, okay? Just like you’re doing to me, the media is just making him out to be a predator to help their failing company’s ratings!”

Hunt was interrupted while replying, “There are numerous women who have –”
Trump interrupted, “Yeah, yeah. All the women. They don’t mean anything. I mean, come on. It’s amazing how many fake victims pop out of thin air when a rich person gets accused of something like that. Trust me. Nobody understands that better than me!”

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“Mr. President, he’s on trial right now. The jury is deliberating as we speak.” Hunt said.

Trump replied, “Oh right. The courts. Judges are just a bunch of liberal activists too, if you ask me. I’m trying to make America safe by keeping Muslims out of our country, and all the courts want to do is abuse their power to obstruct me. THEY are the ones obstructing, not me. No more questions. I’m done with you. Go away.”

President Trump promptly walked away from Mr. Hunt following that response.

While it’s unclear what reason the president has for defending Bill Cosby, it appears that he’s trying to make a case that there is an epidemic of media and courts falsely pursuing — or even fabricating — negative stories against public figures.

In any case, if it can be shown that the jury was exposed to Trump’s comments today, he could have very easily compromised the Cosby trial and caused a declaration of mistrial. NewsWerthy will be following this issue closely.

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