Pilot Fired by Trump Over Flight Turbulence

Donald Trump on Air Force One

As President Trump was lecturing NATO officials about finance issues in Brussels, Belgium Wednesday, information leaked from his staff that there was an animated altercation between him and an unidentified Air Force One pilot.  This altercation reportedly led to the President “firing” the pilot on the spot.

Anonymous sources say that shortly after Air Force One took off from Italy, the plane experienced a bit of turbulence, causing the President to spill Diet Coke on his tie.  This immediately sent President Trump into a frenzy aimed at the pilot.  He reportedly swept his meal of Carne Asada con Arroz off his tray table, onto the floor, and stormed to the front of the plane, demanding to speak to the pilot.

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Once the cockpit door opened, he reportedly began to lecture the pilot about ruining his “$1000 Kashmir tie”, and belittled the pilot’s flight skills.  The pilot, caught completely off-guard, explained to President Trump that sometimes air turbulence is unpredictable, and apologized for his tie.

President Trump responded by telling the pilot that he would, “expect more” out of an Air Force One pilot in charge of transporting the “most important person in the entire world.”

The pilot responded by explaining that turbulence is caused by changes in air pressure as the foil of the wing cuts through the air to create lift.  A pocket of greater or lesser air pressure will cause a sudden lift or fall of the plane, regardless of the aircraft’s call-sign, or who is on-board.

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This lucid, intelligent, and matter-of-fact explanation was apparently not enough for President Trump.  Once the plane landed at Chièvres Air Force Base, Belgium, the President ordered the pilot — an Air Force officer — to be relieved of duty and replaced by someone who “cares a little more about the President’s well-being.”

When Sean Spicer was asked to comment on the situation, he responded by saying, “I missed the whole thing because I was in the back of the plane putting together the President’s statement about meeting the Pope, which would be a hell of a lot easier had I been invited to meet the man I have looked up to my entire life.  I might have gotten some first-hand perspective on the meeting.  But nooooo.  I just get to watch the videos of the Pope making fat jokes about — ”  Spicer paused to clear his throat, “No.  The point is, I didn’t see what happened, and I cannot imagine the President ever being so shallow, heartless, or mean to someone who dedicates all of his, energy day-in and day-out, to helping him do his job.”

NewsWerthy will report further on this incident if more information is obtained.

To learn more about NewsWerthy — specifically our lack of sources — please check out our about page!


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