Russian Official: Trump Has ‘No Intelligence to Leak’

Intelligence Meeting with Kislyak and Lvrov

In the past few days, the media has been inundated with stories following the allegation that Donald Trump leaked highly classified intelligence to Russian officials who were invited into the Oval Office, despite growing tensions with the autocratic regime.  While various members of Trump’s staff, including the president himself, have come forward to deny the allegations, not much has been heard from Russian officials until today.

In a recent statement by Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Tuesday, he stated, “These accusations made against President Trump are clearly lies.  How does a person leak something they do not possess?”  Before ending his statement, Kislyak went on to say, “Has the man not yet proven the American people that he has no intelligence to leak?”

It was unclear whether the Ambassador’s statements referred to President Trump’s intelligence gathering practices, or if it was simply a matter of misunderstood translation of the word “intelligence”.  However, in a brief run-in with reporters this afternoon, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) smiled and stated, “In either case, I’ve never agreed with the Ambassador more.”

NewsWerthy will be following this story closely as it unfolds over the days to come.  Whether Trump’s leaks to Russian officials was a true breach of trust with the international intelligence community, or just another exaggerated claim by a biased media climate, one thing seems to be of legitimate concern:  Does Donald Trump possess the adequate prerequisites to leak intelligence to anyone?  The answer will become more clear as time goes on.



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