Trump Says ‘Learning Great Things’ from House of Cards

House of Cards Character Frank Underwood and President Donald Trump

As many avid fans are well-aware, Tuesday was the release date of Season 5 of the hit Netflix Original series House of Cards.  The show stars a ruthlessly malevolent politician named Frank Underwood, played by Kevin Spacey.  During a brief encounter with reporters Tuesday, President Trump said he is also a fan of the show.  More alarmingly, he seems to see it as a “handbook” for the presidency.

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As President Trump was walking by a small group of reporters, he took a moment to respond to a seemingly benign question from an independent journalist regarding what his “plans” were for dealing with North Korea.

The President responded, “My only plans at the moment are to watch a few more episodes of House of Cards.  Fantastic show.  Great show.  It’s been a long day!”

When asked if he followed the show, the President responded, “Are you kidding?  Of course I love House of CardsIt’s basically like some kind of handbook for being President.  That Ken (sic) Spacey is a fantastic actor. Top notch.”  President Trump Laughed,  “You know, sometimes I feel like he is acting out my life.”

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Stunned, the reporter clarified if the President was implying that Frank Underwood is an accurate representation of himself.

The President responded, “Oh in some ways absolutely.  Absolutely.  I mean, I was never a Senator, obviously.  But everyone knows that politics can be a dirty game.  You gotta do what you gotta do sometimes, you know?  I am really learning some great things from House of Cards.  What a great American show!  Second only to The Apprentice.

President Trump declined to comment any further on the subject, stating that he needed to “call it a day.”

While the President may simply be an enthusiastic fan of House of Cards, it remains to be seen whether he really understands the truly sinister nature of Kevin Spacey’s character in the show.  To draw a comparison between himself and Frank Underwood is a truly terrifying thought.  While Underwood is an exceptionally intelligent and stoic person, his motives can only be described as cruelly self-serving to an almost sadistic level.

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