Trump Learns ‘Ally’ Not Synonym for ‘Enemy’

President Trump has received widespread international backlash over his public, one-sided Twitter beef with London Mayor Sadiq Khan this week. Mere hours after the latest terrorist attacks in London, President Trump chose to temporarily place basic human decency on the back-burner to roast the London Mayor with this Tweet:

Trump Tweet

Mayor Khan responded that his statements referred to the heavy presence of highly armed law enforcement on the London streets — an attempt to reassure that there was no continuing terrorist threat.  President Trump lashed out in return:

Trump Tweet

Following the hostile Tweet from President Trump, Khan’s communications team advised that the Mayor was very busy handling a national tragedy, and did not have time to engage in immature banter on Twitter.  President Trump then got the last word with this tweet:

Trump Tweet

Understandably, there was intense public backlash in the United States and abroad regarding President Trump’s treatment of the Mayor of our ally’s capitol in the midst of a terrorist attack.  This sparked an intervention with Trump by his legal team, and several other staff members to explain what was wrong with how he handled this situation.

Outside the White House Tuesday morning, Presidential English Language Tutor Emil Kraepelin told reporters, “Given the President’s trend of mistreating allies of the United States, while strengthening relationships with our enemies, we wanted to explore the idea that perhaps the President simply does not understand what an ally is.”

More Below:

Going on to explain the encounter, “He was actually very receptive to the meeting.  I just explained to the President that England, Canada, Germany, and France are all ‘allies’ of the United States.  I explained that the word is from the Latin ‘alligare’, meaning ‘bound together,’ which implies they are our friends, rather than our enemies.  President Trump seemed very enlightened by the conversation.  We are hoping that this will help him through future foreign policy and global leadership decisions.”

It seems that White House staff have uncovered a valuable tactic in helping to control President Trump.  NewsWerthy will be watching alongside the American people to see if this milestone yields any positive results from the President.

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