Trump Pissed He Can’t Find Taco Bowl in Germany

Trump Pissed He Can't Find Taco Bowl in Germany

HAMBURG — After arriving in Hamburg, Germany for the G20 summit Thursday, President Trump quickly identified his first order of business — He was hungry.  However, tensions quickly rose when his security team returned empty-handed after being sent into the city to locate a taco bowl.  Sean Spicer was able to comment on the situation.

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“What can I say?” said Spicer, “The President was hungry, and he was looking for his favorite food.  The Secret Service had to break the news to him that quasi-Mexican cuisine is not nearly as popular in Germany as it is in the United States.”

Other sources close to the President reported that he began shouting profanity and throwing papers around his room when he was met with the news.  Sean Spicer was asked to comment on the President’s reaction.

Describing the incident, Spicer explained, “I wouldn’t say ‘rage’ is the right word.  I mean, he was hungry.  We’ve all been there.  Plus, with the added stress of jet-lag offsetting his normal Twitter time, I think being denied a taco bowl was just the straw that broke the camel’s back.  He was fine after he tried some of the best Schnitzel in Hamburg.”

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When pressed for more specifics on how the President reacted, Spicer added, “Yes, the President was passionately disappointed.  He articulated the facts supporting his disappointment to the Secret Service agents he tasked with getting dinner.  I cannot speak to whether or not he really threw anything.  He talks with his hands a lot, you know, and he probably just accidentally dropped his cell phone.  And several pieces of paper.  And his water glass.”

A Secret Service spokesman took full responsibility for the mishap, stating that the agency should have foreseen the lack of Mexican food restaurants in the country, and planned to bring the White House chef to home-make the Taco Bowl.

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