Trump Praises Saudi Arabia for ‘Obedient’ Women

Trump in Saudi Arabia

President Trump’s trip to Saudi Arabia has been highlighted by a curiously high level of respect and friendship shared between him and the leadership of the Islamic theocracy.  During a lavish dinner event after signing a $110B arms trade deal with the country, the Saudi state-run news organization had a brief — and rather alarming — exchange with President Trump.

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When asked his opinion about the cultural differences between Saudi Arabia and the United States, Trump was quoted as saying,”There are some big differences between our cultures.  But they aren’t bad differences.  I’m actually very happy to see how well-behaved and obedient the women of Saudi Arabia are!  I mean that.  It seems like they all know their roles.  You know, they stay quiet and don’t get in the way of the men who are in charge.  That is something we really need more of in America.  Our women can be so rude sometimes.  Very rude.  But I have trained Melania well.  That’s why I love her.”

The royal family in Saudi Arabia has clearly put tremendous effort into giving President Trump a positive experience in their country.  Experts believe that these gestures are not to be taken as genuine efforts to improve relations, but that it is all aimed at getting the President’s signature on a massive arms agreement.

The exchange lasted a bit longer, with the President adding, “And I am just loving the royal family.  You know, we’re not so different.  I had no idea how much we had in common.  I’m a very rich person, as you probably know.  Very rich.  Very successful.  And, and to be with Saudi Arabia’s richest people really makes me food good.  I mean, I look at all this gold!  Everything is gold!  Isn’t it just great?  I’m getting some ideas for the White House, I think.”

At the conclusion of the interview, President Trump added, “I would love to come back and visit.  Maybe we’ll do business.  You never know.  Maybe I’ll build a Trump Tower in Riyadh!  Imagine how beautiful that would be.  There are great real estate opportunities here.”

Some speculate that President Trump is making a concerted effort to improve relations with Saudi Arabia to gain geopolitical influence in the Middle-East.  However, others are concerned his statements of support for the Theocracy are too over-the-top.  Some fear that the President is being blinded by the treatment he is receiving, and missing the ‘bigger picture.’

Sunday is the President’s last day in Saudi Arabia before he departs to Israel, where he will be visiting Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and the West Bank.  NewsWerthy will continue to monitor the President’s trip, as it remains unclear how Israel will feel about Trump rubbing elbows with Saudi Arabian leadership who have historically had an anti-Israeli stance.

It is also important to add that there has been no acknowledgement by the Trump Administration of the political challenges building against Trump back in the United States.  Talks of impeachment amid the current, ongoing criminal investigation are growing.  While the President remains silent on the issue, it’s surely weighing heavily on his mind during his trip to Saudi Arabia.

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