After Afghanistan Speech, Experts Fear Trump Replaced by Robot

Trump Replaced by Robot

In terms of a president announcing increased combat operations in Afghanistan, President Trump’s speech today was precisely the lucid, informative, and well-thought-out address we should expect to be given to a concerned and divided nation.  However, in terms Donald Trump talking within a reasonable proximity of cameras, it was anything but expected.  Trump spoke publicly for 23 straight minutes without deviating from his script, bragging about himself, nor denigrating the news media; An uncharacteristic feat which left many experts in fear of the worst — Our President has been replaced by a robot.

Manny Goldstein, Founder of the Association for the Development of Artificial Intelligence, has already blogged about his expert point of view of what he saw unfold at today’s Fort Myer speech.

“It’s important to remember that the human personality is the hardest trait to program into a robot.  This is what caught my eye.  It looked like him and sounded like him, but it clearly wasn’t him.  When have you ever known Trump to be eloquent, or inspiring, or cool-headed?” Goldstein explained, referring to the calm demeanor by which the President gave his address.

“There’s no doubt in my mind he’s been swapped for a robot.  I’m blown away by how advanced their A.I. appears.” stated Goldstein, “Our voice analysis software confirmed a spot on match for Trump’s voice.  Facial recognition algorithms showed the robot’s synthetic exo-tissue was identical to Donald Trump.  I am just blown away that the perpetrators would be so reckless as to allow this robot to deviate this wildly from Trump’s signature personality, which is much more caustic, crass, and juvenile.”

Goldstein went on to explain, “I believe the glitchy personality programming may be an inevitable side-effect from the A.I. algorithm researching terms like ‘presidential’ and ‘leader,’ but I will need more time to analyze the footage.”

Goldstein confirmed to Newswerthy that he will be publishing his findings in relevant academic journals within the coming weeks.  In the meantime, this leaves only a few questions:  Has the GOP replaced the President with a robot?  Who would be capable of carrying out such a ruse? … Most importantly — Is this actually a bad thing?

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