Trump Says ‘Global Warming is a Good Thing’

Trump Gives Speech About Global Warming Being a Good Thing

President Trump announced Thursday morning that he would not be swayed by political pressure from figures such as Elon Musk, or even Pope Francis.  He has decided that he will be withdrawing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement.  This was a landmark achievement of the Obama administration to help combat man-made global warming.  Due to the level of political fallout associated with this controversial decision, the President took to the Rose Garden to make a public statement explaining this action to the world.

Most of the speech was the typical political sugar-coating one would expect from any president.  However, in true Trumpian fashion, the President took a left turn when he went off-script.

Below is a transcript of this portion of his speech:

“I understand that this is a controversial issue in America.  But, believe me people, Global warming is a hoax.  An absolute hoax.  Global warming is just a ball of lies being told by scientist who have been bought by renewable energy companies.  They just want your hard earned money.

And I know.  I know that the left still won’t believe me on this.  They’ll disagree with everything I do, and there will be Fake News everywhere by tomorrow.  So I want you to think about this:

Let’s just pretend global warming is real! It’s not.  But let’s pretend.  If it’s real, then — actually, Global Warming is a good thing!  The lying scientists are only saying that the temperatures will rise by a few degrees!  What’s a few degrees?  The temperature went up like 10 degrees since I got up this morning!

And think about it, folks.  It’s too cold in Washington D.C. anyway.  You’re always complaining that I spend too much time at Mar-a-Lago.  If it was warmer in Washington, I’d stay there!

If it was warmer, there would be more fun activities to do on the Northern coasts, which would boost tourism and create jobs.  If the ice starts melting, it would make even more beachfront real estate, causing property values to rise!  Trust me, I know real estate.  This is a good thing.  Believe me!

Not to mention, the polar bears would die off.  They’re very dangerous creatures who are just suffering in the cold anyway.  We would be doing them and their victims a service.”

More Below:

This portion of President Trump’s speech only begs the question of what is actually influencing his decisions about the United States’ role in combating Global Warming.  He seems to have very little understanding of the true impacts of a “few degrees” rise in temperature.  Is the President being misled by his advisors?  Or, does he genuinely believe that there would be a net benefit from a catastrophic sudden change in the global climate?

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