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… But there are some rules you need to follow

  • Killing People Isn’t Okay:
    • We will not publish satire which depicts or implies that we endorse the death/assassination of any living public figure.
  • Keep it Clean … ish:  
    • Feel free to push the envelope of political correctness, but excessive vulgarity will not be accepted.
  • Don’t be a douche:
    • We will not publish satire which may be disrespectful to the victims of recent mass tragedies (i.e. Terrorist Attacks, mass shootings, etc. — Goddamn … are we really at a point where we just make rules around accepting the fact that mass killings are going to be a regular occurrence? That’s super depressing.)
  • Make shurr u english gud:
    • You need to write well!  We have no problem correcting minor mistakes in grammar, spelling, and mechanics.  However, if there’s too much, we’ll just have to reject it.
  • Summon Your Inner Carl Bernstein <– (Google It): 
    • It needs to sound like a news story.  What can we say.  That’s our schtick …