Kim Jong Un: ‘We Meant We WOULDN’T Denuclearize’

Kim Jong Un

North Korean President Kim Jong Un released a written statement today in an effort to clarify for President Trump where they stand in terms of denuclearizing the Korean Peninsula.  After taking an apparent cue from Donald Trump’s defense of his actions in Helsinki, Kim Jong Un stated that he meant to say he “wouldn’t” denuclearize.

The full statement can be read below:

“To all world leaders:

After watching President Donald Trump’s spectacle in Helsinki, Finland with President Putin, the DPRK believes we understand why Donald Trump is so wildly mistaken about how willing he thinks we are to denuclearize our country. It seems that he has a difficult time with very basic words like ‘would’ and ‘wouldn’t.’

Just to be clear to all the nations of the world, we meant we wouldn’t denuclearize.  What Kim Jong Un said to Donald Trump was, ‘No, we wouldn’t be willing to denuclearize under any circumstances.’

You see, it’s sort of a double-negative thing.  Trump seems to think we said we would denuclearize, but he’s gravely mistaken.  So, you can just put that in, and we think it clarifies things pretty good by itself.”

It’s unclear whether Kim Jong Un is being genuine, or if he’s essentially trolling President Trump, because this official statement is a near word-for-word reference to Trump’s backtracking on what he said in Helsinki claiming he didn’t see why “Russia would” interfere with the 2016 U.S. Elections.

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