Putin: ‘I Actually Kind of Feel Bad Now’

putin and trump

In an exclusive interview with Oliver Stone, Russian President Vladimir Putin all but admitted to tampering with the election and sabotaging Hillary Clinton’s chances at becoming president.  More shockingly, he seems to have some remorse over how out of control things have gotten.

Oliver Stone asked a very frank question of President Putin by saying, “Sir, you have to understand that there are many people in the United States who feel cheated because your government seems to have sabotaged Hillary Clinton.  If I can be direct, did you order your government to hack the DNC to sabotage Hillary Clinton?”

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Putin paused for a moment and responded, “Well, maybe the hacks originated from Russia.  And I know it’s suspicious, but it was probably some hackers who are loyal to Russia and to me as their president.  All I was — All they were trying to do was to get back at Mrs. Clinton for being so hostile toward Russia.”

Putin went on to explain, “This was more of an attack on Clinton rather than a move to support Trump.  I mean — if I had to guess.  I’ll be honest.  I enjoyed watching her lose, but I actually kind of feel bad now.

Stone responded, “You feel bad for Clinton?”

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Putin laughed, “No, no, never.  She can — as American memes say — ‘step on a Lego,’ and I would laugh.  I feel bad for the American people.  This situation got way out of control.  I don’t think anyone in the world could have predicted the enormous level of incompetence Donald Trump would bring to your country as a leader.”

Stone replied, “So you feel bad for America?  But most would argue that this benefits you.”

“Well yes.” stated Putin, “But there are limits to this kind of thing.  For a while I believed that it would show the world the kind of political power Russia holds.  But your president is such an embarrassment that the comparison is meaningless.  To say that I am a stronger leader than Donald Trump is like saying that a lion is a better hunter than an injured deer.  I mean, of course.  That’s not even a question worth asking.”

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Stone dug deeper, “Agreed.  But why feel bad for the downfall of your biggest political opponent?”

Putin replied, “You Americans have the saying, ‘cutting off your nose to spite your face.’  It’s much like that.  It’s more complex than just Russia versus the United States.  I also seek to show the world that Russia is a leader.  Now that I have done this — I mean — now that ‘unknown hackers’ have done this to America, people think I am responsible for putting Trump into power.  In just 5 months he has burned every bridge he’s found.  The world hates him, and my plan — I mean the hackers’ plan — is backfiring.  They blame Russia for causing this disaster.”

Vladimir Putin didn’t even try very hard to deny he was behind the tampering of the 2016 elections.  Instead he’s actually showing remorse for the actions.  It seems he was not prepared for how much of a detriment Trump would be to the world.  It’s almost as if he feels he hurt America so badly that it actually backfired and caused harm to his own country.

Neither the White House, nor Hillary Clinton have responded to requests for comment on the Oliver Stone interviews.

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