Edit: We will soon be publishing an exclusive interview, collaborating with a TikTok influencer to expose details of this person’s scam. Stay tuned!

There’s been a significant rise in scam activity lately, and it comes in many forms. On of the more tricky forms is an elaborate puppy sales scam, where the scammer says he will ship the puppy to you at little to no cost, but requires up front payment. Then, of course, the puppy never comes.

One such puppy scammer is INLAND EMPIRE KENNEL.

(SCAM SITE: https://inlandempirekennel.com/)

When you visit their website, you see a lazy and poorly constructed storefront of puppies which never seems to change over time. If you monitor the site for several months, you will see that the puppies always remain “11 months old”

It’s clear that the person running this scam is an idiot, but even idiots can be clever from time. You can avoid this scam by buying your puppy from a local, reputable breeder who you can meet in person.

For information on legitimate puppy breeders, please visit the American Kennel Club website.