Black Friday Soccer Boycott

Millions of Americans are taking a stand against the culturally insensitive shopping day dubbed ‘Black’ Friday. While clamoring to find a more ethnically inclusive activity for the day, they discovered that apparently the United States has a soccer team.

Twitter has been surging with tweets on the topic, with one user Tweeting, “Cancel Black Friday! I’m going to watch soccer instead! #ItsAfricanAmerican”

Another social media influencer explained, “I refuse to participate in a fascist holiday called ‘Black’ Friday. Besides, soccer is fun to watch. There’s like a ball, and guys running around a lot. And I love it because I’ve been watching for 2 hours and nobody has scored a point yet, so it’s a really close game.”

Black Friday sales have plummeted in the past few years, partly to do with the issue of racial insensitivity, and partly to do with the fact that it’s 2022 and literally anything can be purchased online without having to suffer long lines, dense traffic, complacent store workers, and rising gas prices — Though it’s unclear which reason has more of an impact.

Support for the US World Cup soccer team is now soaring at an all time high. When one fan was asked if she was rooting for the US World Cup soccer team, she replied, “Oh, we have one of those? Neat. Yeah sure.”