LAS VEGAS, NV – Casey Anthony achieved global fame in 2008 when she “definitely did not” murder her two year-old daughter Caylee, and leave her body to rot in the woods behind her home for a month before contacting the police.

Last week, Casey Anthony announced the release of her new film titled, if memory serves us, “Casey Anthony: I’m a Horrible Human Being.” The film’s streaming service debut has received sharp criticism from the Anti-Getting-Away-With-Murdering-Your-Toddler community.

However, one critic gave the film glowing reviews.

“Frankly, it’s a masterpiece. But most importantly, I think people will find it relatable.” Said Former NFL Player, and slightly-too-small glove wearer O.J. Simpson.

Simpson, who has an alarming level of influence with the Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, actually went so far as to submit his personal nomination for the film to be voted upon for the coveted “Best Picture” Oscar.

“The only criticism I can really give to the film is the title.” Simpson added, “I think something like ‘If I Murdered My Daughter, This is How I Would Do It’ might roll off the tongue a little nicer, but these are just small details.”

Simpson later went on to explain, “Relatability is truly the key strength of this film. I mean, who hasn’t been told by the cops that their dead relative’s remains were found on their property, and that a cadaver dog noticed the scent in their car as well. These mix-ups happen all the time, and films like this really do a great job of illustrating why the American justice system is completely flawless.”

We reached out to the Academy for comment on the film’s nomination, and it seems they may have misunderstood our request. Their reply stated, “Unsubscribe.”

We’re not sure about the confusion on the part of the Academy, but we will update the article as more information becomes available.